Updates from Historieberättarna, August 2018

Historieberättarna has collaborated with Radioteatern on Sveriges Radio, which has made a series in 4 parts about refugee children. Radioteatern writes on their website: “Thank you Historieberättarna, which has collected stories from refugees in the project Storytelling without borders, for helping us with research and contacts for this series”.

The title of the series is the title of a poem that one of the participants in Historieberättarna’s project has written. “Jag gråter bara med ena ögat”

The director of the series is Rojda Sekersöz.

Here’s is a link to the series: https://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx…

A huge thank you to the dedicated youth who wants to be a part of this and thank you to Drama för unga for lifting these stories!

September 5, 2018