Updates from Historieberättarna July 2017

Throughout the summer, Rut Feuk and Anusha Caroline Andersson worked with the methodology guide that the project is based on. […]

Updates from Historieberättarna June 2017

In June Historieberättarna visited Gotland and held a various numbers of workshops, at housings for refugees and schools, and also at […]

Updates from Historieberättarna May 2017

Historieberättarna participated at the “Dissemination Conference on Intercultural Dialogue”, held by Västra Götalandsregionen in Stockholm. Alice Bah Kuhnke Minister of Culture and […]

Updates from Historieberättarna April 2017

Rut Feuk and Anusha Caroline Andersson from Historieberättarna had a start up workshop with the partner organization Addart. Historieberättarna performed […]

Updates from Historieberättarna March 2017

Christina Tönnesen from Filmcentrum and Anusha Caroline Andersson from Historieberättarna visited Brussels. 50 organisations from 17 European countries met in […]

Updates from Historieberättarna February 2017

Hillevi Duus from Historieberättarna created the logotype for Storytelling Without Borders. Anusha Caroline Andersson from Historieberättarna held a lecture about […]

Updates from Historieberättarna January 2017

In January Historieberättarna ran illustration and storytelling workshops at housings for refugees with a large number of participants. Some of […]

Interview with the founder

The founder of Storytelling Without Borders, Anusha Caroline Andersson, was interviewed at a start-up conference in Brussels, February 2017. Storytellers […]