About us

STORYTELLING WITHOUT BORDERS (StWB) is a creative and intersectoral partnership between six creative arts and humanitarian organisations in Sweden, Greece and Denmark. The Swedish organisation Historieberättarna is the founder of the Project and Filmcentrum is the coordinating partner.

First of all the project aims at reaching as many children and youth refugees as possible and help them express themselves and listen to their stories. Filmmaking with the help of animation makes it possible to communicate despite language barriers.  The workshops will be held in refugee housing/camps and therefor provide a safe environment where the participants can discover their own voices and express their stories.

Through the project the stories of the refugee children and youth will be spread and listened to and the ambition is that the process will create ripple effects that will generate more storytelling through short film animation.

HISTORIEBERÄTTARNA is a storytelling organisation consisting of film educators, social workers, artists, teachers and musicians with a long experience of working with young people and vulnerable children. The methodological guide used in SWB is based on at method developed by Historieberättarna and tried out in several big projects. The method is based on simple animation and audio techniques that enables participation in spite of language barriers. Historieberättarna have participated in several media related events to present their work. http://historieberattarna.se

FILMCENTRUM is a Swedish non-profit association for filmmakers established in Stockholm in the 1960s .Their task is to inspire filmmaking and create opportunities for filmmakers to meet the audience and provide alternative display windows for their works. Filmcentrum works with film distribution and has long experience of working with film for young audiences. http://www.filmcentrum.se

ADDART is a non-profit Greek organisation dedicated to spread art and culture in general through comics, storytelling, filming, animation, gaming and other cultural expressions. The organisation has worked with young artists and creators to disseminate tools of animation to teachers, psychologists, social workers, children and many more. They have also supported children to draw comics on issues related to human rights, racism, bullying and disabilities. http://www.facebook.com/addart.gr

RÅFILM is a Swedish collective of filmmakers that works by connecting film and activism.  Through collaboration they seek to facilitate the production of films that address social issues and have a norm-critical approach. Over the years their work has been screened and awarded at festivals around the world and broadcasted on national television. http://rafilm.se

LIGHTHOUSE RELIEF is a Swedish humanitarian NGO with a branch based in Greece.  The have experience from humanitarian aid operations as well as crisis coordination in response to both natural and man-made disasters. In recent years Lighthouse Relief has been engaged in the on-going refugee crises in Greece and focus on coordination of volunteer efforts and emergency relief for refugees arriving to the Greek island Lesvos and in the camps on the Greek mainland. http://www.lighthouserelief.org

VI GÖR VAD VI KAN is an organisation formed in September 2015 by people in Sweden wanting to support refugees in Lesvos, Greece. The organisation has a broad network of humanitarian and refugee support organisations in Greece. http://vigorvadvikan.com