Råfilm visited Trampolinhuset in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark. Trampolinhuset is an independent community centre that provides refugees and asylum […]

Updates from Råfilm, October 2018

In October Råfilm revisited Bergagymnasiet in Eslöv, situated in the south of Sweden, to show the secondary school students techniques in […]


Råfilm had an animation workshop on the picturesque island of Bornholm in Denmark at Paradisbakkeskolen. The school is unique in that […]

Updates from Historieberättarna, August 2018

Historieberättarna has collaborated with Radioteatern on Sveriges Radio, which has made a series in 4 parts about refugee children. Radioteatern writes […]

Updates from Historieberättarna, July 2018

Historieberättarna had an exhibition together with young refugees and the art work they created at Fisksätra museum. The exhibition took […]

Updates from Historieberättarna, May 2018

Anusha Andersson from Historieberättarna was in april invited to the Culture Departments work group, at the Swedish Government, to talk […]

Updates from Historieberättarna, April 2018

Historieberättarna (Anusha Andersson and Rut Feuk) was during March invited to participate at a conference arranged by ACTA, a theatre […]

Updates from Historieberättarna- Exhibition, March 2018

Historieberättarna are proud to be exhibiting at the Stockholm House of Culture & City Theatre, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, together with refugee […]

Updates from Historieberättarna, February 2018

We are happy to announce that Historieberättarna has received a three-year financial support from Stockholm County Council. This opportunity opens […]

Updates from Historieberättarna, January 2018

Here is some of the work that we have been doing during 2017: Historieberättarna performed 60 workshops within the project […]